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16.04.2024 On the media

José Mañas, CEO of Wireless DNA, comments on the "Pegasus" case in Informativos Fibwi TV

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The last few days all the national media have echoed the news that several members of the Spanish executive, including President of the Government, have suffered personalized cyberattacks through the Israeli espionage software known as “Pegasus”, with the objective of obtaining sensitive information from their mobile devices.

After this revelation in a public appearance, there has been an intense debate about the extent of governments’ cybersecurity and cyber defense, the legislation on this type of activity, and the exposure of any user to the threat of different types of malware that exist on a smaller scale and seek to infect one’s computer or electronic device without their permission or knowledge.

This week, Informativos Fibwi TV has also covered this piece of news, counting on the comments of José Mañas, CEO of Wireless DNA and president of the Balearic Association of Software, Internet and New Technology Companies (GsBIT).

In Mañas's opinion, “every computer system is traceable at the data management level and Pegasus does not seem to be an exception”. However, he recommends caution in the use of the Internet, as nowadays "the possibilities of cyberattacks go as far as the imagination allows."

You can watch the piece of news on Informativos Fibwi TV clicking here:

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