A North American telecommunications company, leader in cellular telephony and who is currently expanding its operations in Latin America (MEXICO), has entrusted WIRELESS DNA with the complex task of monitoring and control in real-time its last generation wireless network. WIRELESS DNA is the developer of a revolutionary solution that organizes the existing chaos in highly complex networks. The goal of our client is to boost its operations efficiency and to improve drastically its current network performance. Thereby, with the help of ENTROPY AUDITOR, the results obtained by our client were immediate and spectacular: WDNA achieved a 27% performance improvement on the dropped calls rate (DCR%); an increase in Erlangs of 35% in total traffic time; a 16,5% in paging success, just to mention a few. Therefore, we have increased the economic benefit of this operator and on the other hand improved the user experience and the overall quality of their service (thus reaching further millions of Mexicans customers). In absolute numbers, this improvement achieved by WDNA assumes about 500,000 fewer dropped calls per month nationwide, which is a positive impact on other general technical indicators that exponentially improve the efficient use of operator's resources and consequently saving CAPEX and OPEX with a very low financial investment. These record figures might derive into expert’s skepticism if they were isolated cases but our experience and the solid results we have obtained previously for other major operators in Israel foresee a great future to WDNA and its brilliant flagship product: ENTROPY AUDITOR.

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