Research program ENTROPY WEATHER to transform telecommunication networks into meteorological observation networks!

The project Entropy Weather is part of a research program that aims to transform telecommunications networks into meteorological observation networks. In particular, this project is a first step towards the analysis and management of telecommunications networks to detect various factors that affect the signal quality, such as interference, configuration errors, attenuation, etc. Entropy Weather has focused on the […]

«ALMA», a unique social intelligence project at SMART ISLAND WORLD CONGRESS 2018!

WDNA presents «ALMA» at the SMART ISLAND WORLD CONGRESS: a unique Smart City project! At the second edition of the technological congress on the most important islands of the world, WDNA Group had the honour to present «ALMA»,an ambitious project which combines technology, information, sustainability and a strong social heart. WDNA was awarded the «1st […]

WIRELESS DNA achieved the CEPYME Technological Innovation 2017 Award!

Wireless DNA has been awarded the prestigious CEPYME Award 2017 (Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) in the category “PYME Technological Innovation”. The gala was celebrated in Madrid on December 4th, 2017, in the presence of the president of the government, Mariano Rajoy, the president of the Congress, Ana Pastor; the Minister of Employment […]

WIRELESS DNA R+D+i Work recognition!

During the 15th Parc Bit anniversary, Wireless DNA was among the 4 companies recognized for their work in R+D+i, research, development and innovation. The Vice President and Minister for Innovation, Research and Tourism, Biel Barceló, chaired the event accompanied by the General Director of Innovation and Research, Pep Lluís Pons; the general director of Technological […]

WIRELESS DNA Network Operation Center at innovation open days!

About 300 people participated this Tuesday in Parc Bit’s open day, where resident companies open their doors to visitors. During this event, Wireless DNA brought more light on innovation and new technology, which are on a daily basis at Wireless DNA. Many visitors had the opportunity to visit Wireless DNA’s Network Operation Center, where mobile […]

WIRELESS DNA with 2GN project, live in IB3 Radio interview!

In live broadcast for IB3 Radio, Wireless DNA had the honor to talk about a project called “TWO GOOD NEIGHBORS”, an innovative concept connecting new technology with social neighbourhood, to strengthen neighbors’ relationships and create local trust. see about the project: www.2gn.es  

What is a Network Operations Center?

What is a Network Operations Center? A Network Operations Center (NOC) is the place where network administrators supervise and maintain a telecommunication network, its performance and its quality. Network Operations Center personnel are responsible for network performance monitoring, equipment and installation failures, communication line alarms (such as data stream errors, framing errors, line coding errors, […]

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